“Both my wife Wendy and I would like to take a moment to express our working relationship with Dan Bronner of D65 Enterprises. For 2-1/2 years we have had the opportunity to work closely with Dan on what we consider to be the project of a lifetime. Dan was retained to play a pivotal role in building 200 The Strand, a unique and intensely complicated undertaking. This job would challenge all involved and need more than just a home builder. We were looking for someone who had the ingenuity and passion to take on such a project – without question we made the right decision in choosing Dan. Right from the start it was obvious that Dan Bronner embraced this project as if he were building his own dream home. Both Wendy and I fell lucky to have engaged Dan and all his knowledge. It should also be known that Dan’s working relationship with all the sub-contractors, architects, and city employees does not go unnoticed. At the end of the day, Dan’s a class-act guy and will remain a friend of ours long after the home is completed. I would recommend Dan Bronner for all challenging projects”.

Kindest regards, Michael Greenberg

“There are many attributes that I evaluated when initially selecting a builder for our construction project at 3400 The Strand in Manhattan Beach.  The builder’s track-record, references, personality, and relationships with the subcontractors were all, among other things, important criteria for me at the time.  Now after spending several years of my life designing and building our home, I have come to realize that the selection of a builder is the most critical decision you can make and those criteria were only components of what is necessary.  Dan Bronner became a permanent part of the family during the design and construction process.  The amount of time that the owner must commit to a successful project is something I underestimated, but Dan guided us and managed us through the process and built our dream home.  He is very diligent, unbelievably organized, has incredible people skills, the highest integrity, great judgment and a very developed sense of style.  He could handle my very detailed, at times obsessive, personality and he could be a source of strength and consistency for my pregnant wife (no further comment there!).  He interacted seamlessly with the architect and worked very synergistically with our designer.  Not easy!  His background in manufacturing and process allowed him to direct and guide the subcontractors on some very challenging features (staircase, interior woodwork, cabinets) while focusing on costs and tradeoffs.  I got great advice and the quality of his work was outstanding.  In addition, he always did what he said he would do.  If you want someone who will understand and execute your vision, build an A+ product, maintain focus on your project and is a gem of an individual, Dan is your man. I would be pleased to speak with you further about my experiences with Dan Bronner.”

Sincerely, Don Kinsey

“We highly recommend Dan Bronner at D65 Construction as a general contractor for a custom home building project. We worked very closely with Dan during the construction project which resulted in our custom 5700 square foot house. We worked with Dan for about 2 years during construction which was on target for his original timing estimate. We found Dan to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. He is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the cost/benefits. However take charge Dan is, he is also a very good team player. This became very evident in working with our architect (Jon Starr) and interior designer (Christina Zoumas)." My wife and I both felt we had a very talented and cohesive team. I feel the real test of a good builder is the test of time. We have now been in the house for over 7 years. The craftsmanship and quality of the construction has held up beautifully. Dan takes great pride in his work as he consistently sends us necessary maintenance items and suggestions to maintain the house in top order. He has always made himself available at our request to work with various vendors we have used after having built the house. He is always available by email or cell and is extremely punctual and meticulous with his follow up. His ongoing passion and focus on customer service is priceless, and is a value-added piece to any project he works on. We would do it all over again with Dan.”

Sincerely, John Argue

“Our house speaks for itself – it is a virtual work of art, a masterpiece, in both design and construction. Having lived there for almost 2 years I have been able to find no detail which might have been done better, and I’ve looked. I would like to give you a tour before you select your contractor. My office is in El Segundo, just about 10 minutes from 1812 Strand. I will be glad to meet you there at any time. This praise relates to quality of hard work, but there is another factor, perhaps even more important. The house was finished only slightly over estimate. Never, during those 4-1/2 years, was I asked to anti-up for changes, although they occurred all the time. The honesty level almost exceeded the quality. As you will see that the house was a difficult one to build, hence the long time in construction, and the opportunities for hedging were, I’m sure, constant. I had the pleasure of dealing with an honest perfectionist, and I’d do it again and again.”

Robert Looker

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dan for the past two years in an extremely complex project in Manhattan Beach. This project has benefited from his expertise in all aspects, from budgeting, through helping resolve complex architectural and engineering details, to collaborating with KAA Design Group in finding the very best solution that not only is buildable, respects the design intent, but most importantly that fulfills the home owner budget and timing expectations. From a homeowner point of view, Dan would be the ultimate partner in construction. Detail oriented, extremely professional, understands perfectly the complexities of building homes in The Strand, true team player, consistently methodical, very organized with paperwork, on top of the construction schedule, and always making sure that each construction detail is sound from the engineer, water tightness, budget and aesthetically stand points. As a senior member of KAA, I strongly recommend Dan Bronner as the General Contractor for a project of any level of complexity. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions.”

Sincerely Luis Murillo

“Dear Dan - Louise and I reflect often - even after so many years - on how much we have enjoyed living in our home and how delighted and fortunate we were to have selected you in late 1990 to build it for us.   Your invitation for us to participate in the "Satisfied Customers" page of your website gives us a fresh opportunity for that reflection.  Among the many reasons why we continue to recommend you with enthusiasm and confidence, the following occur readily to us: You were always clear and patient in your explanations, even if we were pesty; you engaged superb sub-contractors; you were willing to meet with us, the architect and the designer on a regular basis; you provided us with comprehensively detailed cost/status information on a regular\basis; you watched our costs as carefully as we did and with considerably more insight; you vetted all of the sub-contractors' invoices; you figuratively held our hands and guided us through a dauntingly complicated process that was brand new to us; even now you continue to be there for us when questions arise; we never exchanged harsh words during the entire process and - more important - we never needed to do so; you instilled total trust and you have never violated that trust.  As you know, you are always welcome to show our home to your prospective clients."

Best wishes, Charles Silverberg

"Dan is the consummate professional, competent and conscientious. For my next project, Dan's the man.  I won't bother with competitive bids."

Gary Stabile

“Dan bailed us out of a shoddy construction process and multiple difficulties with the City of Manhattan Beach because he is trusted in the community and by the City for his honesty and because he delivers a high quality product."

Dr. Milt Owens MD